Member Resources

Thank you for being part of this strong and growing network of engaged W&M supporters. Your philanthropy and leadership is truly making a difference at William & Mary!

Here, you can keep up with all the latest Society of 1918 news and explore research on women and philanthropy. You can also view the list of society members, read the bylaws, learn more about serving on committees and contact the steering committee.


Questions? Contact the Steering Committee:

  •   Janet Atwater ’84,  Chair, Society of 1918 Steering Committee
  •   Valerie Cushman,  Senior Director of Engagement and Inclusion Initiatives
  •   (757) 221-1622

"I joined the Society of 1918 to celebrate and promote the women of William & Mary and to acknowledge the history of the first class of women. Their achievement continues to inspire, motivate and make possible the contributions of all of us. And we have to build the future."

-Carol Shewmaker O'Connell ’69