Submit an Impact Week Proposal

On behalf of Students for University Advancement, we thank you for your interest in submitting an Impact Week proposal! We are excited to potentially partner with you and your organization to help our local Williamsburg and William & Mary community.

To be considered as a finalist for fall 2021 Impact Week, all proposals must be submitted through the form below no later than noon on October 13, 2021.

Additionally, we will be hosting an Impact Week Workshop to assist interested organizations in completing their project proposals. If this is your first time submitting a proposal, we highly suggest attending one of the following virtual workshops!

  • Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. in Swem Library room 119 or Zoom meeting ID: 912 7900 3946


Please review the following guidelines for project proposals:

  • Project must take place within the Williamsburg community or William & Mary campus
  • To receive Impact Week funding, each organization must receive a minimum of 60 votes during Impact Week
    • If the organization does not reach the 60-vote qualifier, they will not be eligible for grant funding. The remaining funds will be divided between the other organizations that qualify.
    • Please note that if the organization does not reach the 60-vote qualifier, the gifts given on their behalf cannot be refunded. For example, if the organization gets 20 students to give a gift to vote for their project but does not reach the 60-vote qualifier, those 20 students will not be able to be refunded as they have already given their $5 gift to William & Mary. 
  • Each organization must have at least one representative during each tabling shift (tabling schedule is TBD)
  • Once a project is selected as a finalist, the executive members and faculty advisor must sign a contract that ensure they will participate in Impact Week and will follow Impact Week guidelines
  • Projects are highly encouraged to have a faculty or community advisor
  • Projects must serve a significant community need
  • Participants are expected to outline an outreach plan that will help engage students
  • Participants must be willing to record their journey and share progress of their project on the Impact Week website
  • Participants must have their budget approved by Students for University Advancement prior to spending any and all funds
  • Participants must use the funds in an appropriate manner related to their project proposal. If partnering with a community organization/partner, funds may not be directly transferred into a third-party account.
    • Example: Fall 2016 Impact Week second-place winner, Pre-Vet Club, collaborated with Canine Companions for Independence. As CCI is a third-party organization that is not associated with William & Mary, the money was not directly given to their organization. However, Pre-Vet Club used the funds to purchase items on CCI’s wish list and donated the items to CCI on behalf of their organization.
  • Participants must be full-time undergraduate William & Mary students
  • Once students have been notified their project has been selected as one of the final projects, they must meet one-on-one with a SUA advisor and/or SUA philanthropy chair to present their marketing outreach plan
  • Funds in no way, shape or form may support, endorse, condone or oppose any political or religious ideologies
  • If a project is not selected for the fall Impact Week, students may resubmit their proposal for spring Impact Week
  • Any conflicts with Impact Week regulations must be discussed and approved by SUA advisor and SUA philanthropy chair