Bell Society Stories: Lisa Romano Turner ’95 and Kevin Turner ’95

Lisa Romano Turner ’95 and Kevin Turner ’95Lisa Romano Turner ’95 and Kevin Turner ’95 are newly minted Bell Ringing members of the Bell Society. They have given for 25 consecutive years, at least one gift to William & Mary every year since their graduation.

We recently asked them a few questions about the importance of giving back to the university. Here are their responses:

Why do you continue to give each year to William & Mary?

Our time at William & Mary changed our lives in such a significant way. We were challenged academically and supported by administrators, professors and classmates. We learned some very important skills such as how to think critically, how to express our opinions and thoughts and how to write with impact. These important skills help us in our careers and lives every single day. The friends we made at William & Mary have become our family. We have leaned on each other through thick and thin. We give back because we still feel the value of our W&M community. In recent years, under Matthew Lambert's tenure, we have enjoyed the more holistic focus on university development that emphasizes the entire alumni experience. Alumni are encouraged to give of their time, treasure and/or talent to make W&M a better place.

Why is it important to you to support the Fund for William & Mary and Alumni Association initiatives?

Kevin speaks from the heart when he explains that he was only the second person in his family to go to college. The scholarships offered through unrestricted funds that help with need-based support make it possible for students like him to achieve a top-notch education. For Kevin, giving to William & Mary is paying that gift forward to others.

Why should alumni and friends give now?

It is important to give back to W&M now during this pandemic because higher education is facing tremendous financial pressures due to the nonconventional changes to instruction and operations needed to promote a safe learning environment. Unfortunately, pandemic-related expenses at W&M were unanticipated and not budgeted. Any unrestricted gifts received now can help close that financial gap.