Q&A with Ashley Pinney '08

Can you tell us a little about yourself and where you are today?

For over six years I worked in career services at Elon University in North Carolina. I helped students get jobs and internships and with their professional trajectories. I just recently left to travel to New Zealand and Scotland from Feb. until June 2018. I love traveling and decided that while I had the time and good health I should experience more of the world.

What is your fondest William & Mary memory?

My fondest memories come from living in Spotswood from 2004 to 2005. I met the greatest women and men living in that dorm, many whom I am still friends with. One of the best memories of living in that area was when the 'Caf' (the Commons) was under renovation and we had to eat in a tent on Yates Field. It was comical then and it is comical now. We all got a T-Shirt that said, "It's cool to be uncommon." We loved those shirts (I still have mine). It's amazing how a T-shirt somehow made the experience better.

How did philanthropy impact your undergraduate experience?

I received a scholarship money during my time at W&M and I am forever grateful. It helped get me through all four years and took a lot of the burden off me when I started paying my loans off after graduation.

Can you describe how your relationship with the Tribe has grown from freshman year to today?

I enjoyed being involved on campus when I was a student and I enjoy being involved as an alumna. It is nice to be connected to something you believe so strongly in and it gives me a sense of purpose. I currently serve as a class ambassador and I encourage my classmates to get involved in giving to W&M and I also serve as the 2008 class reporter for the alumni magazine. I am always happy to give my time and energy to a worthwhile cause like W&M.

What compels you to give back to William & Mary

I give to the Reves Center each month because studying abroad was one of my favorite things I got to do at W&M. It made me fall in love with travel and adventure. My money helps fund scholarships for others to go abroad. I hope everyone that wants to go abroad is able to. I like how W&M lets you decide where you give your money. That is important to me when deciding where to give.

Why do you think it's important that young alumni, as a community, support William & Mary?

I think we each took something away from our experience there that made us a better person. Because W&M made me a better person I know it has the power to make the students who follow me better people, better community members, better family members and better friends. Supporting W&M means that you support the potential of all those who follow you.

One Tribe One Day is just around the corner. What is your favorite part of this new tradition?

President Reveley! Those videos! He is such a trooper with some of the things he is asked to do. I admire his willingness to go with the flow and embrace the crazy/creative ideas people come up with.

What would you like President Reveley to know about your experience at William & Mary as a student and alumna?

I loved the diversity of my classmates. I loved the diversity of people's backgrounds, where they came from, what they believed in, how they dressed, who they loved, what colors they had in their hair, their dreams for the future, their perspectives, whether they wore shoes at all around campus (some people my year didn't believe in shoes-you do you), etc. I'd like him to know that is what makes W&M so special. The mix of students is what makes William & Mary, William & Mary and I hope we always make this a priority.