William & Mary professor to deliver Tack Lecture

William & Mary Associate Professor of Psychology Peter Vishton will deliver the latest installment in the Tack Faculty Lecture Series on March 22. This series, a relatively new campus tradition that started in 2012, offers William & Mary professors the opportunity to give lectures on topics of general interest. The lectures are open to both the college community and the public.

Vishton’s lecture, titled “The Illusion of Control,” will focus on the connection between unconscious thought and action. According to Vishton, researchers have found evidence in the last few decades suggesting that human actions are not initially driven by the conscious mind. Vishton, who studies visually controlled actions, will explain how the unconscious mind controls our movements and decisions, even when we think we are making conscious choices. He will also explain how we can learn to manipulate that process in order to outsmart the unconscious mind.

Vishton will deliver the lecture at the Integrated Science Center III in Theatre 1221 at 7 p.m. Although the event has reached capacity, viewers can watch the live stream here.