Alumna Gives Back to Research that Defined Her Path at W&M

For Kendra Jackson ’14 William & Mary is home. It’s a place that holds many memories and marks many milestones. It’s where she met many of her closest friends. She gives consecutively to her alma mater because she wants future generations to call W&M home and have the same incredible experience she did.

The William & Mary Scholars Undergraduate Research Experience (WMSURE) program provides formalized programming, support and research opportunities to William & Mary Scholars and other students, and encourages them to continue their research pursuits at the graduate level.

Many students, particularly first-generation students, come to William & Mary and don’t realize the vast range of research opportunities available to them. Research is a key component of W&M’s undergraduate experience, and WMSURE is designed to ensure that all students take full advantage of this important aspect of their education.

Why did you choose to support WMSURE?

I participated in WMSURE as an undergraduate and had a blast! My experience in Associate Professor of Biology Mark Forsyth's microbiology lab gave me the opportunity to question, observe, analyze data and prepare me for my career in medicine.

What impact does WMSURE play in the lives of William & Mary students?

WMSURE gave me an opportunity I didn't know I had. I didn't truly understand how college students could be involved in research.

What does William & Mary mean to you and your family?

Everything. My love of W&M continues to shape me and inspire me to be a world changer.

Why would you encourage other alumni and friends to support William & Mary?

Why not? If you love something, share it! Share all that W&M has to offer by supporting student research.

How have you seen your support impact the university?

I've seen generations of W&M graduates get jobs at prestigious consulting firms, become healthcare providers and intern with government agencies like the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control. All thanks to our experiences at W&M. Go TRIBE!