2017 W&M Graduation Series: Eboni Brown


Eboni Brown ’17 is one of several William & Mary seniors who will be featured in a scholarships series on our blog, The Gale, leading up to Commencement.

Hometown: Hopewell, Va.

Major: Government and Africana Studies

What type of impact do you want to make on the world and how do you plan to do it?

I want to change the way we as a nation view education. Teaching is one of the hardest professions, and without teachers, there would be no way to have an educated workforce. I want to work to make sure teachers are respected and that they receive the resources necessary to help mold the next generation of leaders here in America. I plan to do this by working in the field of education and hopefully on a wider scale to effect this change.

What are your plans for the future, or in your career?

Upon graduation, I will become a member of the 2017 Eastern North Carolina Teach For America corps teaching middle school mathematics while also receiving my Master of Science in Education with a concentration in educational studies/secondary education from John Hopkins University School of Education. I also plan to pursue an Ed.L.D. from Harvard's School of Education in order to effect change as a principal or superintendent of a school district. My ultimate goal is to become either the secretary of education or the president of the United States, in order to truly complete my goal of giving all students the right to a stellar education.

What skills have you gained while attending W&M, and/or, how has William & Mary prepared you for the future?

At W&M, I have learned to become a servant leader. It is not always about me, it is about leading the people whom I represent and making sure I do that in a way that is effective for all students. This sort of leadership will allow me to continue to serve others in the future and make sure that I am working for the good of other people, and not just myself.

Looking back, what is the best thing you will take with you from your experience at William & Mary? (A favorite memory or tradition, times with your closest friends, your favorite professors or life lessons, etc.)

My biggest takeaway from William & Mary is the community of care that is felt all over this campus. Whether it’s a professor, administrators, staff workers, or even the students, everyone cares about your well-being here. This is something that has truly made my experience here great.

How did scholarships impact your William & Mary experience?

Scholarships are the reason I was able to have a William & Mary experience. They allowed me to attend this great institution, to learn about myself and discover my true passion in life.

How has a scholarship changed your trajectory in life? Would you have come to W&M without a scholarship?

Without scholarships, I would not be here. My scholarships have allowed me to experience a life that is so different from the one I had before W&M. I am so thankful to my scholarship donors because they have made the dreams of a little girl from Hopewell, Va., come true. It is because of you all that I was able to become the first African-American woman Student Assembly student body president. It is because of donors that I will be able to become a teacher and change the lives of my students. It is because of donors that my family will be able to watch me become the first person in my family to graduate college. Thank you!