2017 W&M Graduation Series: Dylan Campbell

Dylan Campbell ’17 is one of several William & Mary seniors who will be featured in a scholarships series on our blog, The Gale, leading up to Commencement.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Va.

Major: Government and economics

What type of impact do you want to make on the world and how do you plan to do it?

I would like to have an impact on the world through the political sphere. I am going to law school to study tax law, and I would like to ease the burden on the poor and underfunded people in society through new and better tax laws and uses of that money.

What are your plans for the future, or in your career?

I will be attending law school at George Mason University next year and studying tax law. After I graduate, I would like to work in a firm for a few years before working in behind the scenes in government or as a politician.

What skills have you gained while attending W&M, and/or, how has William & Mary prepared you for the future?

William & Mary has taught me the value of critical thinking and to challenge my own, as well as others’ beliefs. I have learned how important it is to listen to and consider opinions that may not fit perfectly with your own instead of living in your own little bubble.

Looking back, what is the best thing you will take with you from your experience at William & Mary? (A favorite memory or tradition, times with your closest friends, your favorite professors, or life lessons, etc.)

There are too many amazing memories from the many people I have befriended here to list. Being with friends at sporting events, game nights and celebrating birthdays has been great. I will miss not living within walking distance of all of my closest friends after graduation. In addition, I have learned so much from professors at William & Mary, and I am so grateful that they took the time to be mentors to me.

How did scholarships impact your William & Mary experience?

Scholarships had a huge impact on my William & Mary experience. They have lowered the burden of my college cost and allowed me the opportunity to receive an excellent education. This excellent education has afforded me the opportunity to attend law school on a full scholarship. I will now be able to continue my education at a lower debt level because of the generosity of William & Mary donors.

How has a scholarship changed your trajectory in life? Would you have come to W&M without a scholarship?

I would still have attended William & Mary without a scholarship. However, the lower debt due to the scholarship, will ease the burden of loan payments post graduation. This will allow me to live a more comfortable post-graduation life with less stress during my earliest years in the work force. I believe the scholarship I have received will benefit me greatly through reduced loans later in life.

Please add a note of thanks to scholarship donors in general, or add a message to other potential donors who are thinking about supporting scholarships?

I am forever grateful to the donors who have made my William & Mary education possible. I hope that I can make every donor proud by doing great things in the future. I have ample opportunities in front of me thanks to this scholarship, and I am grateful for it.