When dark moments strike bright minds


Illustration by

Stephanie Dalton Cowan

Across the country, demand for university mental health services is at an all-time high. Students everywhere are feeling anxious about the demands of an increasingly competitive, global economy. The suicide rate nationally is increasing again. Publicly, collegiate Millennials are disparaged for seeming coddled, superficial and entitled; privately, they’re grappling with a lifetime of pressure without the vocabulary or agency to handle it. William & Mary is a prestigious place with a tremendous history of achievement, but its students aren’t immune to these modern obstacles.

Statistics can’t tell the whole story, but they’re a starting point. College students in the United States are struggling more than ever, but for this community, William & Mary has a plan. And it’s a lot more than just a stiff upper lip.

Read more in the summer 2016 issue of the W&M Alumni Magazine.