University Advancement Summer Internship Program

University Advancement is launching a Summer Internship Program as we seek to increase and diversify the number of professionals in educational advancement. This program is designed to attract undergraduate students may not have previously considered a career in the variety of roles and career specialties in advancement work. It will help determine for the student if this is a potential career path for them, gain networking contacts and references, and learn what it is like to be a professional member of the advancement field.  The breadth of the experience will provide interns with an overview  of advancement in higher education and the role it plays in supporting the university, current students and potential students. 

The internship provides the following:

  • Resume worthy project-based work that is designed to move our work in advancement forward.
  • A summer internship cohort for onboarding, mentorship, and engagement.  The internship cohort will receive educational opportunities through trainings, webinars, and opportunities to engage with the Executive Leadership Team. (ELT)
  • All interns will be responsible for a final presentation regarding this project to a relevant group of University Advancement employees.  This could be a large team meeting, an ELT meeting, or a small group of relevant team members.
  • For projects that have a research component, the student may apply for academic credit for the project that incorporates hands-on experience.

All students, including those traditionally under-represented in advancement, are encouraged to apply. In general, rising juniors and seniors are preferred because of their better course preparation, but we will also consider rising sophomores who have enough course/work experience to benefit from this program.  Students should have relevant skills or course work related to the projects for which they apply.

Dates:  June 3 – August 9, 2019

Pay:  As an hourly employee, each intern will receive an hourly wage of $12 an hour equating to roughly $4,800 over the course of the internship.

Please choose up to 3 projects listed below & submit one application with your resume & cover letter using the link below by the deadline in order to be considered.

Deadline for Applications:  Sunday April 14th




Project Choices: