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Samantha Slattery '17

As President, Samantha oversees the executive and general SCG committees, making sure the committee is meeting our larger vision of building a philanthropic culture. Samantha's on-campus activities include: Annual Giving Board of Directors, Students for University Advancement, Women in Business and varsity field hockey.


Chris McClintock '17

Programming Chair
As Programming Chair, Chris oversees the fun stuff, from Mug Nights to block parties and more. His committee plans and executes the logistics behind many events. Chris’s on-campus activities include: Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity and Club Swimming.


Melinda Heim '17

Marketing & Social Media Chair
As Marketing & Social Media Chair, Melinda oversees the promotion of SCG events, the SCG brand, and the various SCG social media outlets. The Marketing Committee does SCG’s online and real-world promotions. Melinda's on-campus activities include: Students for University Advancement, Tribe Ambassadors and Gamma Phi Beta.


Kate Murphy '17

Analytics Chair
As Analytics Chair, Kate tracks those that have given to SCG as well as peer-to-peer contacts for giving back to the College. She organizes giving data to identify trends for targeted outreach efforts. Kate’s on campus activities include: Kappa Delta Sorority, Women in Business and Student Marketing Association.


Maria Schneider '17

Membership & Outreach Chair
As Membership & Outreach Chair, Maria helps to build the relationships between SCG and other student organizations on campus. Maria is also in charge of the volunteers in all of the committees and helps to coordinate efforts between the different committees. Maria's on campus activities include: Students for University Advancement, the Christopher Wren Singers and Chi Omega.


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Alora Hasson, Coordinator, Student Philanthropy & Recent Graduate Engagement