William & Mary Foundation

Supporting an Essential Mission

The William & Mary Foundation's defining and essential mission is to support the university's people and programs. By seeking private support and then diligently managing those funds, the W&M Foundation makes possible the work of our students and faculty — providing vital resources for scholarships, professorships, research and program funding.

Since its formation in 1939, the role of philanthropy has become increasingly central to William & Mary's progress as an institution — a role that has been further heightened by economic challenges within the commonwealth, United States and world. Today, the stable source of revenue provided by the W&M Foundation is indispensable to the campus' day-to-day activities, with the W&M Foundation currently overseeing or serving as beneficiary of more than three quarters of the university's total endowment. (See Articles of Incorporation.)

The W&M Foundation is a non-profit corporation and a public charity. An independent volunteer board of approximately 40 trustees leads the W&M Foundation and advises staff on the investment and management of gifts. The Investments Committee oversees the William & Mary Investment Trust (WAMIT)

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Giving to William & Mary

  •   Julie Leach,  Director of Foundation Operations and Volunteer Management
  •   757-221-6325
  •   jsleach@wm.edu