Advocacy Groups

PFC members participate in conference calls and virtual meetings with senior staff leadership overseeing the five thematic areas of Student Affairs. On average, one virtual meeting is available each month to showcase a different area of student support. These meetings will offer PFC members a deeper understanding of William & Mary so they can be effective ambassadors to the larger parent community. PFC members may participate in any or all of the following advocacy groups.

Campus Living Advocates

The foundation of undergraduate life at William & Mary is the residential experience, and the Campus Living thematic area includes Residence Life and First Year Experience, as well as a new focus on the Sophomore Year Experience. Campus Living Advocates learn how the university creates caring and responsible communities while supporting the transition of students into and throughout their time at W&M. Examples of services, outreach and support include New Student Orientation, Find Your Experience and Form Your Experience programs. Advocates understand the funding needs of Residence Life and the Office of First Year Experience and encourage their peers to support Campus Living initiatives.

Career Development Advocates

The Cohen Career Center offers career development programs, services, connections and resources, empowering students to achieve their career goals. Career Development Advocates serve as ambassadors for students and alumni by sharing knowledge and networks. In addition, Advocates offer job, internship and externship opportunities, solicit their own networks to assist and work with staff in the Cohen Career Center to provide special programming for students. Advocates understand the funding needs of the Cohen Career Center and may encourage peers to support career programs through their own philanthropy.

Health & Wellness Advocates

William & Mary strives to enhance well-being for the entire community across many dimensions of wellness by providing education, services and support through four Health & Wellness departments―Campus Recreation, Health Promotion, the Counseling Center and the Student Health Center. Health & Wellness Advocates help promote a culture of healthy behavior and choices for students that improve quality of life and promote flourishing and resilience. Advocates communicate the financial needs of the Health & Wellness departments so that the university can be a community that encourages its students to flourish.

Student Engagement & Leadership Advocates

This area of Student Affairs covers a broad range of departments including the Office of Community Engagement, Office of Student Veteran Engagement, Office of Student Union & Engagement and the Office of Student Leadership Development, which includes Clubs & Organizations, Fraternity & Sorority Life, Student Media and Student Government. Student Engagement & Leadership Advocates help support this area’s financial needs and students’ development as active citizens, volunteers and educated leaders through organizations on campus and within the local Williamsburg community.

Student Success Advocates

Student Affairs departments included in this area are the Center for Student Diversity, The Haven and the Dean of Students Office, which includes Student Accessibility Services, Parent & Family Programs, Academic Enrichment Programs, Care Support Services, Enrollment Support Services and Community Values and Restorative Practices. Student Success Advocates learn how the university assists all students from their initial orientation through the completion of their academic and personal goals so that they can better assist other families in navigating these resources. Advocates understand this area’s financial needs and may encourage support from others through their own philanthropy.