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Spread the word about William & Mary's giving day - help us reach your fellow alumni by sharing One Tribe One Day posts on Facebook, posting photos on Instagram and staying active on Twitter. Follow our progress on all social media platforms and keep the momentum going all day long with the hashtag #OneTribeOneDay!

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If you need some ideas on what to say, or some guidance on our social media messaging, please use our Social Media Guide.

Social Media Images

Changing your profile picture and cover photo is easy. Just right-click on the image you want and save it to your computer. Then, go to the social media page you want to change, click on your profile photo/cover photo, and upload the photo when it prompts you to. The images are already the correct size.

Don't forget to include the web address ( in the caption of your photo so that others know where to give!

Profile photos


Cover photo


* this image can be used on both Facebook and Twitter

In-post photos

Use these photos to post or tweet on your social media page throughout the day. You can use the captions below each photo to help you compose your message to your friends and followers. Make sure to use the hashtag #OneTribeOneDay and include the website ( with each post you make.

*Don’t forget to make your Facebook posts public so that they show up on our One Tribe One Day Tagboard!


Facebook/Instagram caption: Today is #OneTribeOneDay! Today, you can make a huge impact in the lives of students by giving back. Follow along for updates, photos and even some fun videos. Learn more and give back at

Twitter caption: Today is #OneTribeOneDay! Make an impact in the lives of W&M students – give back & encourage others to do the same 


Facebook caption: I gave back to William & Mary on #OneTribeOneDay. Did you? Every gift today makes a difference in the lives of W&M students and helps us get one step closer to our goals. Learn more and give now:

Twitter caption: I gave back to William & Mary on #OneTribeOneDay. Did you? Every gift gets one step closer to our goals. Learn more:

Tagboard - Follow Along

Join in! Use the hashtag #OneTribeOneDay on Twitter & Instagram and you’ll be featured on our Tagboard on April 19.