Muscarelle Museum of Art



Museum Atrium

Serving as the lobby for the Muscarelle Museum of Art, upcoming exhibitions are listed on the atrium's far wall. An attendant sits at the desk to welcome visitors and assist with museum admission and questions. The atrium is a gift from Gilbert T. Kinnamon '34 and Jeanne Sheridan Kinnamon '39 and was dedicated on November 4, 1988.


Museum Logo Monument

Attached to a brick wall that protrudes from the Muscarelle Museum of Art, the Logo Monument is yellow with white font displaying “Muscarelle Museum of Art at the College of William & Mary.” Next to the Monument is a box of six smaller black squares. Next to the grid pattern are banners of current exhibitions.


Art Galleries

The larger downstairs gallery is named after Edythe C. and Ralph M. Sheridan. The smaller downstairs gallery is dedicated to Bernard B. and Enid W. Spigel. Upstairs, the first gallery is the Mark Tyler Cheek and Leslie Cheek D.F.A. ’67 Gallery. Adjacent to it is the gallery dedicated to Zoe Wasson Graves HON ’10 and Thomas Ashley Graves, Jr. HON ’02, L.H.D. ’15. The last gallery upstairs is named after Mary and Gene A. Burns ’52.


Solar Wall

Gene Davis designed the “Sun Sonata” Solar Wall for the Museum’s exterior, which faces Jamestown Road. The Solar Wall consisted of a set of tubes filled with dyed water and is backlit by fluorescent lights until the Museum removed the water a few years ago. The wall serves as a source of colored light at night and a decorative addition to the architecture of the Muscarelle Museum of Art.